The Blossom Controller is designed to sense which of its zones have actual valves connected to them.

If during setup of the Blossom Appr does not show any detected zones, it could be a problem with your wiring.

  1. Make sure the wires are clean and not corroded.  If there is corrosion you can clean the tips with sandpaper or a wire brush. If you have enough wire lead, you can cut off the tips and strip new wire.
  2. Verify that all the wires are connected, seated firmly, and that no wires are touching each other. (The exception to this are return wires which may be grouped together to fit into the "common" connections.)
  3. Verify that all wires connected to the Blossom controller are needed for your current setup.

After checking these things you can have the Blossom app rescan for zones by choosing the recycle icon in the upper left of the "Setup Zones" section of the app. If none are still detected, see if you can get close enough to the valves themselves to hear if they click during the test. If so, please contact Blossom Support. If they don't, check your wiring again or contact support for more help.