If you get this message from the mobile app, there is something wrong with your device firmware or settings.

You can try several steps to remedy the situation. If any of them works, you can stop there.

  1. Power-cycle the device. Be sure to wait at least 30 seconds with the device unplugged before plugging it back in again
  2. Reset the device. Remove the Blossom Controller from the Blossom Bracket. With the Controller still plugged in, locate a small hole in the back. Use a paperclip or similar small object to press the button behind that hole. Hold it for at least 15 seconds and release. The unit should turn purple for a few moments and then reboot. After this process, you will need to set up your Blossom Controller again using the App.
  3. Firmware repair and upgrade. Please contact Blossom Support. A technician will step you through the process to return the firmware to a known good state.