The Blossom 12 Classic Controller can be set up using PowerLine technology to allow for greater ease and range of network connectivity than Wi-Fi can provide. It uses your home's wiring rather than radio signals.

PowerLine is simple to use, but it has a few requirements you should be aware of:

  1. If you have multiple circuit breaker panel in your home, please be aware of which one the Blossom Controller and the PowerLine Adapter are connected to as they may not be able to communicate unless connected to circuits on the same breaker panel.
  2. Certain common items like extension cords and power strips can degrade the PowerLine signal. For best results, try to connect both the Adapter and the Controller directly to wall sockets, without intervening cords or power strips. If you must use a surge protector. there are some units that are advertised as PowerLine or Power over Ethernet Compatible. These usually have a specific compatible plug.