Valves do not open; no watering occurs.


When the Blossom Controller is watering, it will pulse blue. Therefore, if your valves are not opening, the first step is to see whether the controller is trying to water. If you have issued command to the unit to water now, through the schedule or the real-time commands such as "Water Now" or "Test" in the valve configuation page, and the Blossom Indicator is not pulsing blue, then the unit is likely having a network connectivity problem. Please visit the troublshooting pages based on the LED color you see.

If the Controller is pulsing blue, then it should be watering. Make sure that the valve in question in connected to the correct terminal on the bracket. Also, make sure that all the valves' common wires are all connected to the "common" (black) terminal on the bracket. 

If your system has a master valve, make sure that it is connected to the gray terminal on the far right of the terminal bracket.