There's an indication from the Controller or the Blossom app that the Controller and the Bridge are not able to connect to each other.


Try the following tips, to help your Controller connect with the Bridge.

  1. Make sure the bridge is plugged in directly to a wall socket (try to eliminate extension cords and power strips).
  2. Make sure the Ethernet cable is connected on each end between your router and the Bridge.
  3. Observe if the connection light is illuminated on the Bridge and on your router, where the Ethernet cable connects. If it is not, verify that both devices have power and that the cable is firmly seated at both ends.
  4. Unplug your Blossom Controller from the wall socket. Wait 30 seconds, plug the Controller back in, then try the pairing between the Controller and the Bridge again.
  5. The Blossom Controller ocassionally updates its software automatically. If the Controller light does not immediately switch to blinking green after unplugging the Controller and plugging it back in, consider waiting 5 minutes for an update to complete, then unplug and try again.