The Blossom Controller allows you to respect watering restrictions with several settings.

First, you can choose which days of the week the Blossom is allowed to water. If you have Smart Watering turned on, watering times will be adjusted automatically depending on how many days per week you allow.

Second, you can choose only odd or even days. 

Third you can choose to only allow watering every n days, or at a certain Interval. With this option, you can choose to water every other day, or every three days: up to once every 14 days or 21 days. 

If your local requirements involve anything more complex, you can set an arbitrary number of blackout days up to one full year in advance. Simply set your weekly schedule as above, and then use the calendar in the app to set specific dates that the unit cannot use for watering.

In the future, we hope to provide even more flexible and systematic configurability to match any local watering schedule pattern.