You can set Blossom to Hibernation mode to turn off all watering activity and notifications. 

Your existing zone settings and schedules will not be affected. These are stored in the cloud. They will resume again once Hibernation mode is deactivated.

To enable Hibernation mode from the Blossom App:

  • Tap the Settings gear icon in the upper right corner of the Home tab in your Blossom app.
  • Scroll down and tap Hibernate Blossom. Note: This option will say Blossom is Hibernating when hibernation is enabled. 
  • Tap the toggle button. 
  • Note: Hibernation is enabled when the toggle button is colored, and off when the toggle is the same color as the background. 

This will stop all watering schedules and notifications.

When you want to re-enable Blossom again, simply tap the Wake Up Blossom button in your Blossom app. 


Also, if you are new to your irrigation system, remember that most irrigation systems need to be blown out before being turned off for the winter to prevent broken pipes. Please consult a specialist to determine how to do this for your irrigation system. Place your Blossom into Hibernation mode after you have blown out your system. Then you can unplug your Blossom after setting it into Hibernation mode if you desire. Keep the plug dry.