Use your Amazon Alexa to turn on (and off) your Blossom Controller!

It’s easy to configure. From the Amazon Alexa App search for "Blossom" and then enable the Skill. Next, click on "Link Account" and then enter the same Blossom username and password that you use to log into the Blossom App. That’s it!

The wake word to use the Blossom Skill is "Blossom". You’re now ready to run your sprinklers by simply using a voice command with Alexa to activate Blossom.

When asking Alexa to run Blossom, if you do not specify a zone, by default Blossom will run all of your zones. If a time is not specified, Blossom will run each zone for 3 minutes. In addition, Blossom will not run a zone for over an hour.

Common Blossom Phrases:

"Alexa, open Blossom"

"Alexa, ask Blossom to run all sprinklers"

"Alexa, ask Blossom to water Zone 1"

"Alexa, ask Blossom to run Zone 1 for 5 minutes"

"Alexa, ask Blossom to run all zones for 5 minutes"

"Alexa, ask Blossom to stop"